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Education is the best provision for old age – Aristotle

Helping seniors understand Medicare.

Who is Morsched?

I am an Independent Agent who works directly for you, am licensed in North Carolina and Arizona, and am certified by many of the leading Medicare Insurance Companies.

Since I work directly for you I provide the necessary guidance and information to help you make the most informed decision about which Medicare option best meets your needs.

There are many Medicare options to choose from.  Original Medicare, Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap Plans), Medicare Advantage Plans or Part C and Prescription Drug Plans (PDP’s).  I will provide the necessary education and guidance so that you can select which of these options best fits you and your family.

Call us now and we will provide you with a personalized comparison of the available plans and cost analysis which can show you possible ways to save on your out of pocket expenses.  Call today at 252-838-9587 or email

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